Sequencer software change..

So, I've always been a bit of an audio/computer/music geek. When I first started out making music it was no problem for me learning how to use a tracker, what others may have seen as digital codes and confusing numbers, I saw as something straight out of the Matrix and that also finally gave me the opportunity to make my own music.

A few years later I had been on the MPC2000XL, MPC 1000, a couple of ASR10's (both rack and keyboard versions), Reason, FLStudio, Cubase, Ableton Live, you name it. It was hard to find that ONE software/machine that really stood out and took care of all my plugin/sound/editing/mixing needs.

The last 3 years I've been almost totally dedicated to FLStudio, but as of last night I've changed software sequencer again, and I think it's for the last time. (At least until I eventually make it big and have to change to Pro Tools)

FLStudio was great.. Easy, fast, effective and it supported all the plugins I needed it to. I could mix/master well enough with it and my workflow was on a very comfortable level after having used the program for 3/4 years +. BUT, what the fuck have I been using it for, when all I've really needed the last year was audio recording and mixing possibilities?

Finally, my eyes and ears opened up to Cubase5...

I'm telling you, I dont know if it is my imagination but in my opinion Cubase5 sounds richer, crisper, clearer and just more ''RIGHT'' than FL9 ever did. Plus, it's much easier to do complicated edits, audio recordings and FX/mixer routing... It may be obvious for alot of people out there, but I'm just glad I finally made the change. Cubase5, Waves SSL/API/Mercury, Kjaerhus and Camel plugins is just an awesome combination...
 Go try it for yourself!! You know it's free...


  1. yes yes clark f! i did as usual as you usually do. i also switched to cubase when clark switched to cubase. And this is how that turned out.
    from now on its mpc and cubase/protools. PEACE RAMM

  2. And wow, that beat is insane. (Supermegapropse!! :D)